About Bizstats

Man in SuitThe Bizstats database is designed for Business Brokers, Business Valuers, Accountants, and Finance Institutions.
Bizstats contains actual transactional sale information on a large variety of businesses, including service stations, restaurants,
convenience stores, print shops, travel agents, florists, coin laundrys, beauty salons, auto repair shops, video rentals, day care centers and more.

This database removes the marketplace uncertainty and provides the user with detailed, meaningful financial information
about these real transactions. As a subscriber with the click of a mouse, you can search the database by specifying
any of the following variables:

Subscribers to Bizstats are granted access to all of the details in the database, including annual gross revenue, asset
figures, operating ratios, and the price and terms of the sale. Additionally, Sale Price/Gross Revenues and Sale Price/Net
profit earnings multiples are calculated for each transaction reported. And once you have found the information you need,
you can print individual transaction reports, or multiple transaction reports with calculated financial statistics.

Where does the data come from?
Details of Businesses are collected from a network of businesses brokers across Australia. Each sale has been carefully
entered to ensure that the database is as accurate as possible.

Why is the data so important?
Banks, accountants and brokers need to have a source to obtain actual sales, not just estimations or Rules of thumbs.
Bizstats has been designed and developed to ensure that the data provided is a up to date and accurate as possible.

The market is the market!